Blue Dog Classic Blue

The Blue Dog Classic Blue is our black and white handheld unit. It comes with the security of our OneKey System. The OneKey System is a game-play security and management system integrated into blue dog's line of electronic bingo portables, table-top game stations and point-of-sale (POS) machines.

Blue Dog Classic Blue Handset

Solid, dependable, and built for smaller budgets!


Download important brochures and guides for the Classic Blue bingo handset.

Long Battery Life

The Classic Blue unit is powered by four standard D alkaline batteries, allowing for months of portable play between battery changes

Proprietary Game Library

Utilizes Arrow's proprietary non-duplicating nine million bingo card library, and displays a players four best cards on screen

Additional Features

Features a monochrome screen, tone alerts for game winners, and the Classic Blue stacks easily for secure, compact storage

Avoids Technical Issues

The Classic Blue units self-test at boot-up with instant malfunction or power alert - avoiding technical issues before your session starts

E-Max or Blue Dog?

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