E-Max or Blue Dog?

Compare features of both gaming software options to find the right one for you!

E-Max Logo

E-Max Overview

From consoles to gaming and POS units, E-max offers everything your hall needs to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Blue Dog Logo

Blue Dog Overview

This easy to use and easily integrated line of Blue Dog products is the perfect solution to enhance your bingo hall's existing setup.

Compare the features here:

Features E-Max (Mobile) LD7 (Mobile) Classic Blue (Mobile) Top Dog II (Fixed Base)
10" Colour Touch Screen
7" Colour Touch Screen
4 Card Mono Display
15" or 17" Colour Touch Screen
E-Max Exclusive Blower Connection
Universal Blower Connection
Manual, Semi, and Full Auto Daub
Manual Daub Only
Integrated U-Pick
Proprietary Bingo Card Library
Integrated Verification System
Secure Wireless / LAN Communication
Theme Graphic Options
Player-Selectable Daubbers
10+ Hours Battery Life
Multiple Card View Option
Live Ball Cam View
Hot Swappable Dual Battery
Built In Keyboard
Integrated Mag Card Reader

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