E-max Encore

The Encore Charging Station is designed to provide maximum flexibility to meet the needs of any sized venue, small or large.

E-max Encore Charing Station


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Modular Design

Available in 6-bay modules (stackable up to three high), and fully assembled 12-bay (two modules) and 36-bay (six modules) cabinets.

Intelligent Charging

The Encore charges each Max10 independently in two to five hours, and detects when charging is completed to prevent overcharging

Power Efficient

Charge up to 72 Max10 units (two 36-bay cabinets) on a 20-amp circuit. The built-in cooling fan only operates during charging


Programmable settings and timer can enable or disable the Charging Station from charging during the day or during certain hours.

Encore 6-bay Charger

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Encore 12-bay Station

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Encore 12-bay Base

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Encore 36 Unit Station

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