Blue Dog LD8 Handset

Available with a 15" or 17" touchscreen display, the Top Dog II operates over a secure network via WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection. With it's compact, space-saving tabletop design and player-friendly features, players can enjoy a comfortable and fun bingo experience.

Blue Dog Top Dog II

Great features in a tabletop design.


Download important brochures and comparison charts for the Top Dog II tabletop unit.

Proprietary Game Library

Utilizes Arrow's proprietary non-duplicating nine million bingo card library and supports U-Pick, Double Action, and Bonanza.

Player-Tested Design

The Top Dog II's tabletop design features a compact, space-saving, all-in-one touchscreen PC with an integrated speaker system.

Dabbing Options

Players can choose from auto, semi-auto, or manual dabbing and have 24 dabber shapes available in 16 different colours.

Multiple Card Views

Players can easily switch views to display their best 1, 2, 4, or 9 bingo cards.

Live Ball View

The Top Dog II displays the live, current ball camera's video feed in all views.

Stand Alone Games

Configurable to play standalone games, without a caller, flashboard, console, etc.

Player Login Screen

Player Login Screen

Best Single Card View

Best Single Card View

Best 2 Bingo Cards with Flashboard

Best 2 Cards with Flashboard

Best 9 Bingo Cards

Best 9 Bingo Cards

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