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The Envoy is a compact, affordable, and easy to use bingo console designed for smaller venues such as recreational centers and retirement homes.

Small footprint. BIG statement.


Download important manuals and brochures for the Envoy bingo console.

Less really is more.

The idea behind the Envoy is simple: it's an affordable, compact, and easy-to-use bingo console.

Compact & Portable

Tight on space? The Envoy can fit in just about any venue. With a cabinet that’s only 23" in depth, it can fit through practically any doorway.


We know that smaller venues can have tight budgets. The Envoy was designed with the essential features you need without breaking the bank.


The Envoy’s software is pre-loaded with sample schedule, game, and pattern definitions, so you’re ready to play right out of the box.

Calling a game has never been easier.

Envoy Tablet Screen

The Envoy is designed to work just the way you'd expect it to, even if you've never called a game before.

The game screen displays all important game information, including the game pattern(s), the last ball called, and a flashboard display.

  • 1. Game Caller
  • 2. Game Number
  • 3. Total # of Calls
  • 4. Prize Amount
  • 5. Schedule Name
  • 6. Date/Time
  • 7. Pattern Name
  • 8. Last Ball Called
  • 9. Winning Pattern(s)
  • 10. Ball Call Timer
  • 11. Flashboard Display
  • 12. Operator Controls

The Envoy is a powerful, cutting-edge, sophisticated, easy to use bingo console.

Touchscreen Interface

Navigate the Envoy's user-friendly software with ease on the 10.1" anti-glare LED touchscreen display.

Colour-Coded Ball Tray

The ball tray features an innovative design with colour-coded number rows to match the bingo balls.

Single Control Switch

A single, easily accessible switch controls the power to the blower motor and integrated LED lighting.

Windows 10

The Envoy’s pre-installed software was designed to run exclusively on the provided tablet using a custom Windows 10 operating system.

Solid State Drive

Unlike PC-based consoles with a traditional hard drive, the Envoy uses a SSD, resulting in a reliable, faster, and more powerful system.

Built-In Timer

The Envoy’s built-in adjustable ball timer counts down the number of seconds between each call so the game pace can remain consistent.

Envoy Bingo Console

Let's play bingo.

Set a Schedule

Set up each game’s pattern and prize, and you’re all set.

Design a Pattern

Choose a pre-installed pattern or design your own.

Quick Play

Play a game instantly, even during an active schedule.

Go Wild

Call multiple balls at the same time, such as all evens.


"We have a BINGO!"

Make sure you’ve got the right call, every time. The Envoy’s optional verification software allows you to electronically validate all winning cards.

Optional Features

The Envoy comes with amazing standard features, like an integrated ball timer, easy-to use game pattern designer, and reporting functions. Enhance your Envoy bingo console even further with optional accessories and software upgrades.

Live Ball Camera

Live Ball Camera

Display each ball as it’s called on an external TV or monitor.

HDMI Output

HDMI Output

Display the caller screen on an external TV or monitor.

Wireless Printing

Wireless Printing

The Envoy supports USB or wireless printing.

Winner Verification

Winner Verification

Electronically verify all winning bingo cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the optimal anti-static operation, it is strongly recommended that only the included set of Tru-Max bingo balls be used with the Envoy bingo console.

The Envoy is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to support most existing analog flashboards.

No. The Envoy is fully capable of operating as a stand-alone console.

No. The Envoy was designed as a cost-effective solution for smaller venues. Operators can connect their own TV or monitor using an HDMI connection.

No. The Envoy was designed strictly for 75-number bingo.

With the optional verification software, the Envoy will verify most Arrow, Capitol, and Bingo King bingo paper.