Modern Design. Enhanced Features. Statesman Reliability.

Superior Technology & Advanced Electronics

With the advanced technology used by the Statesman Premier II bingo console, operators can take their bingo sessions to the next level.

Battery Backup

An uninterruptible power supply protects the console's hardware against power surges and will operate from the battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Data Router

The DR III scans the ball matrix and communicates with the Gaming Computer. It incorporates composite video output for monitors and flashboards.

Video Converter

Digital video output from the Gaming Computer is converted into composite video for the Data Router, and analog VGA video for the front mounted TV.

Report Printer

An optional Ethernet report printer can be used by operators to print detailed gaming schedules, payout reports, and error logs.

Hi-Res Camera

A hi-res camera transmits a live ball image to monitors driven by the console. The data router and video converter support video output for player monitors and flashboards.

Intuitive Operation & Functional Design

Ergonomic Design

The modern, ergonomic cabinet is designed for optimal operator comfort and efficiency. Aluminum extrusions on the console's exterior provide increased structural support.

Innovative Ball Tray Assembly

Our colour-coded ball tray has numbered rows to match bingo balls, and sealed switches with rubber caps in a separate chamber to protect against liquid spills.

Touchscreen Display

A fully adjustable 17" LCD touchscreen monitor moves up and down, tilts, and rotates. It also incorporates a touchscreen that works seamlessly with a mouse or USB keyboard.

Large Wrap-Around Window

The Statesman Premier II's illuminated ball chamber features a large, wrap-around acrylic window, providing players with a view of the balls from two different sides.

Quiet Operation

With an insulated ball chamber, improved soundproofing, and a special anti-static foam mat to cushion bingo balls, the Statesman Premier II provides soft, quiet operation.

Controls & Switch Panel

The Statesman Premier II features an easily accessible switch panel and knob controls for the light in the blower chamber, mixer motor, main blower chamber, and ball tray.

User-Friendly Software Features

The Statesman Premier II's intelligent, user-friendly software features quick reference pop-up screens, easy-to-follow menus, and expanded programming capabilities - all with detailed and vivid colour graphics.

The Statesman Premier II uses a Microsoft ® operating system with a customized gaming application shell developed by Arrow International. Unlike other PC-based bingo consoles, the Statesman Premier II has incorporated a solid-state drive (SSD) in lieu of a traditional hard drive, resulting in a reliable, faster and more powerful system.

Caller Play Screen

Caller Play Screen

Verification Screen

Verification Screen

Bingo Game Pattern Screen

Game Pattern Screen

Statesman Reliability

Modular Serviceability

The Statesman Premier II was designed with an emphasis on reliability, and a strong focus on a simplistic method of service and maintenance.

Operator's Manual

A detailed Operators' manual is provided to assist you with installation and guide you through set-up, operation, and troubleshooting.

Service Contracts

To ensure that your console continues to perform to your satisfaction, we offer a variety of support plans customized to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Statesman Premier Bingo Console with Color Code Ball Tray
Item Number

No. For the optimal anti-static operation, it is strongly recommended that only the included set of Tru-Max bingo balls be used with the Statesman Premier II bingo console.

The Statesman Premier II is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support all of the latest E-Max, Arrow, Capitol Game, and Bingo King flashboard models, including Tear-Opens/Bonanza and video/multimedia flashboards.

No. The Statesman Premier II can operate using hall monitors or with the optional mounting hardware and customer-supplied flat panel TV.

No. Only the mounting brackets and hardware are available as an optional purchase from Arrow. For a complete list of TVs recommended by Arrow, please contact your sales representative.

Yes. The Statesman Premier II features built-in, secure electronic verification for all Arrow bingo paper, including support for multi-face patterns.