Nevada Gold II

Nevada Gold® II

Introducing the all new, redesigned Nevada Gold® II ticket dispenser. We challenged ourselves to improve on every element of the original Nevada Gold – speed, performance, security, accuracy, reliability, and convenience – to deliver the ultimate pull tab ticket selling machine. Available in 4 or 8 columns and each column holds 1,000 tickets.

Nevada Gold II

The fastest ticket dispenser in the world.


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Combining the reliability of the original Nevada Gold Classic...

Durable Construction

The heavy-duty steel construction of the Nevada Gold II ticket dispenser is designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most exacting standards

Gear & Roller System

Nevada Gold's renowned dispensing mechanism uses a belt-free gear and roller system that increases vending reliability and provides greater accuracy

Modular Ticket Columns

Each individual front-loading ticket column can be easily removed and/or replaced, in just a few seconds, without affecting the operation of other columns

...with brand new game-changing features and improvements!

Enhanced LED Lighting

Bright white interior cabinet lighting with optional colour-changing main door lighting

Improved Backup Battery

The Nevada Gold II can accept money and dispense tickets for one hour after power loss

Built-In Lifting Handles

Handles are integrated into each side of the cabinet for balanced weight distribution

Formatted Reporting

Financial and event reports provide session summaries in a unified print format

Extensive Event Logging

1,500 time stamped events, including door open/close, dispense results, alarm, etc

Adjustable Credit Limits

Operators can define the maximum credit limit that can be played, up to $200

Keypad & Display

Integrated Keypad & Display

A larger LCD display offers improved messaging; a 16-key keypad offers menu-driven navigation and provides local PIN sales capabilities.

Remote Sales Terminal

Remote Sales Terminal

A remote keypad sales terminal is included with the Nevada Gold II so you can add sales capabilities from virtually anywhere in your venue.

Quick-Release Pull Tab Columns

Quick-Release Columns

A single column can be quickly and easily removed and replaced in just a few seconds using the quick-release lever located under each column.

4 Column
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4 Column Cabinet (Optional)
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8 Column
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8 Column Cabinet (Optional)
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Remote Pin Sales Terminal
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The Nevada Gold II was developed with feedback from players, venue operators, and distribution partners to deliver the most advanced pull tab ticket dispenser on the market.

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Quick & Easy Transactions

  • Tickets are dispensed directly below the column in individual outlets where they can be accessed by the player
  • Flexible pricing per column - 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2, or $5 denominations
  • Each column holds 1,000 tickets
  • Full-view window allows you to see all tickets, even when only a few remain
  • Illuminated red column buttons with interchangeable denomination caps
  • Optional coin acceptor validates 25¢ and $1 coins in the U.S., and 25¢, $1, and $2 coins in Canada
Dispensing Pull Tab Tickets

Innovative Security Features

The innovative security features of the Nevada Gold II are a key aspect to providing a safe and reliable way to offer Arrow's extensive line of pull tab tickets.

  • Separate key entry for tickets and cash/electronics access
  • Enable/disable key turns dispenser off during restricted hours
  • 3 levels of security (administrator, manager, operator); up to 24 people can be assigned unique passwords
  • Security alarm detects and prevents unauthorized access
  • Optional locking bill box
Dispensing Pull Tab Tickets

Accurate Accounting

  • Easy access to accounting functions and sales mode settings
  • Cash and sales totals are stored in electronic memory, even when power has been disconnected
  • Foreign currency display - $, £, or €
  • Individual dispensing column cash accountability reset
  • Session summaries and formatted financial reporting are included on all models
  • Settings can be saved permanently to flash memory
  • Optional printer upgrade kit allows a single printer to generate hard copy reports

Dispensing Options

We know what really matters in order to attract and entice players, and that's why Nevada Gold II offers so much more than flashing lights. With four convenient dispensing options, players have more flexibility over the way they choose to vend tickets.

Single Dispense

A player can purchase a single ticket by simply pressing one of the red, dispensing buttons located below each column.

Press + Hold

Press and hold any of the column buttons to purchase multiple pull tabs in the corresponding ticket column.

Play All

Press the Play All button, then press any of the column buttons to purchase tickets from the corresponding column with all remaining credits.

Play All Multi

Press the Play All Multi button, then press any of the column buttons to purchase tickets from all of the ticket columns with equivalent pricing.

Nevada Gold II Nevada Gold II

Instantly attract more players to your Nevada gold ticket dispenser with Arrow's new promotional topper, featuring bright backlit graphics and a color-changing 'halo'.

Nevada Gold II LED Topper